The Road Life Project?

The name Road Life Project 

It's meaning is all about the RV lifestyle being a constant, ongoing project that has many obstacles. Planning trips, maintenance, Insurance, engaging with others, what to do with your kids, finding a site - it's a never-ending project.

The Road Life project was created to help you navigate through the toughest parts of RV life through community​ and power in numbers!

Your journey starts now!

Member Benefits

  • Access to Health Insurance

  • Access to Road Life Community

  • Access to Fulltime RV & Auto Insurance


  • Meet-ups & Rallies

  • Road Life Groups 


  • Save up to 30% on Tires and Auto Parts

  • RLP Roadside Assistance discount

  • ​Mail Forwarding & Scanning Discounts

  • RV & Auto Warranty Discounts

  • Workamper Member Discounts

  • Discounts on RV Accessories

  • RV Tech & Inspector Training Discounts

  • 20% off Harvest Hosts

How we began

The Road Life Project began as a simple Facebook group by bloggers, Hippie and the Tech. They soon found that building a following was as simple as serving people & helping others achieve their goals. As the group grew, so did the awareness that RVers struggled with many of the same issues. 


Tony & Melissa reached out to fellow YouTubers, Todd & Stephanie Henson, to join forces and create a much-needed community for the upcoming generation of fulltime RVers! Road Life Project then joined forces with two amazing organizations, Workampers and the NRVIA. 

Our Motto is "Get out there!"....So what are you waiting for?

Meet The Team


Tony & Melissa Flammia


Content Creators at Hippie and the Tech

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Todd & Stephanie Henson


Content Creators at Two Beards and a Babe

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"Community is at the heart of the nomadic movement" Tony Flammia, Hippie and the Tech.

Our Mission

To help navigate RVers through the toughets parts of RVing and create a community of full-time RV’ers that motivate, encourage, and guide each other on their nomadic journey


Our Vision

To provide our community mentorship, education, and inspiration so they can fulfill the life they have always dreamed