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Digital Pen Pal Events

Parents start here! Click here for a quick tour of Digital Pen Pals and a run down of the Code of Conduct


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Where kids can have open discussions with peers their age in a safe and monitored environment. 


Every week we have fun games and activities for all ages including Bingo, Trivia, and more!


For the younger crowd - Story time is a new age spin on a classic past time. Popular titles read to your child from peers and Road Life Project staff. 


Join a book club and start engaging in conversations about classics as well as up and coming age appropriate titles!


Let the creativity flow with these fun filled craft videos. Included: a list of materials and step by step directions.

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Digital Pen Pal Community

Why Digital Pen Pal?

One of the main concerns for any traveling family is socialization. As well as maintaining the friendships made along the way. It was no different for the founders of the Road Life. Which is why we created Digital Pen Pals. A safe, activity, filled environment to create and maintain healthy friendships for kids of all ages.

How to set up a FREE Digital Pen Pal kids account

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Example Schedule

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