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If you're a Certified RV Tech

Looking for customers

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Why should I get my business listed?

Not every RVer is going to need your help today, but every day there will a constant reminder that if they ever do, they know where to look. The Road Life Project makes sure that the consumer knows that when they are in need, your business will be there to help them. 

Where do we advertise our search tool?

  • The RLP search tool is the only FREE open to the public resource for finding Certified RV Techs and Inspectors. 

  • Paid advertising on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

  • Consistent promotion in RLP groups with a captured audience of over 10k RVers

  • Our Affiliates are promoting to over 100,000 RVers

  • Social Media groups moderators are trained to answer tech questions with a link to the search tool
  • RLP Members lists

Only $9.95 a month!
Or $120 Per Year



  • Please register on a Computer

  • You'll be directed to Paypal for payment processing.

  • After your payment has competed go to 

  • Enter your business information.

  • Have your proof of certifications ready in PDF format. 

If you have any questions please email:

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