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Become part of a community

Be part of a family

"We are so thankful for this community, we're 2 years out from starting out on our journey and we already feel like we're able to do it!" 

The RV lifestyle is an ongoing project. A project that many of us wouldn't trade for the world. Planning trips, RV maintenance, educating the kids, it's a never-ending process. The Road Life Project has worked tirelessly to address the major RV life pain points. We've provided solutions to make sure all you need to do is focus on the journey ahead. 

The Road Life Project community is here, connecting thousands of people on the same journey.

Member Benefits

  • Access to Road Life Community

  • Access to Fulltime RV & Auto Insurance


  • Meet-ups & Rallies

  • Road Life Groups 


  • Workamper Member Discounts

  • Save on Tires and Auto Parts

  • Save on Solar Energy

  • RLP Roadside Assistance discount 

  • ​Mail Forwarding & Scanning Discounts

  • RV & Auto Warranty Discounts

  • Discounts on RV Accessories

  • RV Tech & Inspector Training Discounts

  • 20% off Harvest Hosts

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