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Halloween Fun While Full-time RVing

If you are a full-time RVer, but love celebrating fall, including Halloween, how do you do it? How do you find events when you are on the move? Whether you have kids or not, this can be quite the challenge.

For years, we have struggled to find events that work for our RVing family. Sure, we could go to some random trick or treating event or some adult Halloween celebrations, but how do we know if it will be safe or enjoyable for us?

Trick or Treating!!

If you have kids, they probably want to go trick or treating. Now that you are on the road, there is no neighborhood to explore. At a campground, they might have an event, but nothing is guaranteed. In the nearly 4 years we have been full-timing, we have never stayed in a place that did anything for Halloween! This meant we had to search online for events around town. So far, all of them were a bust - trick or treating in the square, at the mall, etc.

This year, we are relieved to be able to be at the Road Life Project’s Fall Festival!! Whoo-hoo!! We will have a set place where we can trick or treat!! Yay!!

Fall Festivals

OK. So fall festivals aren’t too hard to find, but they can really add up. Have you ever gone to one without spending at least $100!! Oh and the crowds. Sometimes, they just aren’t worth it. We have only been to one and were only able to afford the corn maze. No pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and forget the hayride!! Not only was it overpriced, but they only offered a haunted one. Our little ones had no desire for a scary ride!

The Road Life Project's annual three-day fall festival activities include festival games and a hayride...oh and let’s not forget the pancake and PJs breakfast! All of it included for one price (starting at $85) - accommodations, activities, and community!!

Did Someone Say Bonfire?

Nothing is more fun when camping out with friends and celebrating Halloween and those fall temperatures than a bonfire! How on earth do you find a bonfire though? Sure, you can make your own, but finding and enjoying a community bonfire is not realistic!!

Did you know that the Road Life Project Fall Festival is having some adult-only bonfires!! I’m super excited about this even though I have kids. This will be one of those - “Hey kids, we have wifi, message us if you need anything.” nights!!


I think the biggest thing for us is having a community to hang out with. Yes, there are events while you are on the road, but how many other families and couples can you actually meet and build friendships with? Everyone is there with their own friends/families, they are usually not interested in meeting new folks.

That’s why the RLP Fall Festival is such a unique event and why we are so excited about it!!

In addition to everything I’ve already mentioned above, the fall festival will also have campsite decorating contest, costume contest, potluck dinner and adult events - ziplining, wine tasting tours, movies, and more!!

What will you do?

As October approaches, what will you do? Are you going to take your chances and find an event near you or will be joining us at the RLP Fall Festival?


Exploring the Local Life is a Latino Roadschooling family of four that has been on the road since October 2015. We blog and vlog all about RVing, but it's not always rainbows and campfires. It's real-life every day as we navigate love, unschooling, and breaking free from the mold in our 26ft home on wheels.

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