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Road Life Project is now FREE

That's right! For those of you who joined early...THANK YOU! You helped get RLP to the point where we could put together programs and options for full-time RVers and those looking to get into the lifestyle! Now we're able to bring more amazing discounts and solutions to you at no cost!

What are our short term plans?

  • We're planning on launching a roadside assistance program very soon

  • Events, meetups, and caravans are getting planned

  • We plan on posting more helpful blogs and how-to videos

  • Continue to use our power of numbers to bring you RV related discounts

  • And yes, we will be bringing back a healthcare plan once we get our new contracts signed with our new provider.

What is the Road Life Project? The is a members-only resource for those looking to get on the road or currently fulltime. We want to help navigate you through the toughest parts of RV living.

To join, simply click login and set up a user name and password. If you're already a paying subscriber, you can choose to cancel your membership via paypal and continue to be a member.

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