RV Must-Haves: RV Weather Emergency

Weather emergencies happen whether you are on the road, at home, or on vacation. Depending on where you are, weather can turn quickly and you might find yourself riding out a storm in your RV. Be prepared with this list of RV weather emergency must-haves.

Remember, Your RV Has Wheels

Since you are in your RV, you can leave. So, if you have the ability (enough notice, money, fuel, etc.), get out of there! There is no reason to ride out a storm in your RV if you don't have to.

My must-have list includes items that you can take with you when you evacuate or use if you find yourself riding out a store.

Extra Food

Whether you in a home or in an RV, extra food is a must during any weather emergency. Of course, since you can't predict an emergency, you should consider keeping some extra food in your tiny home.

I know space is limited in your RV, but try to find ways to keep a store of canned foods that you can keep with you just in case you find yourself in an RV weather emergency. If you have a tow vehicle or a toad, you might be able to keep a small number of canned goods in that vehicle to avoid using your previous RV cabinet space.


Having drinkable water is an absolute must. I recommend you always keep your onboard freshwater tank clean and full of drinkable water. Even if you are staying at a campground, connected to city water, having a clean and full fresh water tank is the way to go. Not only are emergencies unpredictable, but sometimes work is done on the waterlines without prior notification to RV campers. It's always best to be prepared.

In addition to having your freshwater tank ready to go, I recommend keeping collapsible water jugs. These can be stored easily and filled just as easily when needed. Of course, if you face an emergency, you might not have enough time to fill the jugs up. Use your best judgment on how much extra water you should keep on-hand at all times or if you suspect in-bound weather.

Extra Fuel

Always keep extra fuel with you at all times. We always keep 1 extra 20 lb tank of propane, 1 5 gallon tank of diesel, and 1 5 gallon tank of gasoline. It's not much, but it may really help us out if we find ourselves in an emergency.

Fuel shortages are a real thing and can occur while trying to evacuate ahead of a storm or during the storm itself. Having a few extra gallons may just what you need to get you to a safe spot when you really need it.

Make sure to store the extra fuel in appropriate containers. You don't want to create a dangerous situation for yourself.


Power is one of the first things to go when you are in a home and it isn't any different at the campground. An RV ready inverter generator can really get you out of a jam in you find yourself in an RV weather emergency that affects electricity. Having power will help you keep your phones charged and keep you connected and safe for longer periods of time. If the temperatures are extreme, having electricity can be very important to keep all families members in a safe and comfortable environment.

There are often times where the weather has passed and you still find yourself without electricity. In addition, if you find yourself evacuating, you might not have electricity and a generator may be vital to keep your family going.

Solar is also a good component to have, but if the weather emergency includes lots of rain and cloudy skies, that solar might not be as helpful as having a generator. If possible, have both.