The Road Life Project 


The Story

Tony and Melissa sold their house, and the majority of their possessions, to live life on the road in an RV. This new lifestyle was amazing, that is until Tony was laid off. Now faced with having to go back to the traditional way of life, Melissa decides to go against the grain and goes to school to become a certified RV tech to help keep her family on the road!

Our Format

Each episode will follow the life, struggles, and victories of Melissa while attending the NRVIA training school. Each episode will open with a story update, the topic of the day, previous graduate interview, one on one training on a specific product, a viewer tool, and story closing. All based on the day's topic. 

This Documentary will be released on Youtube as a free series for entertainment purposes. 

Our Sponsorship Levels

$2500 sponsorship level

  • Opening credits included

  • Product placement within the video & products will be used during training

  • Special thanks

  • Links to your product page

$1000 sponsorship level

  • Product placement within the video

  • Special thanks at closing credits

$500 sponsorship level

  • Special thanks at closing credits

  • Links to your product page

Our Marketing Strategy

  • Affiliate Relationships with over 250K Reach

  • Email Marketing to over 90K

  • Website Promotion to members and Affiliate Members

  • Social Media Promotion

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