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How to set up a Digital Pen Pal account for your kids
  1. Go to and log out of your main account.

  2. Click on Digital Pen Pal under the Community tab in the top menu. A profile registration page will appear. 

  3. Create a profile with your child's name, email, password, and YOUR phone. You don't have to fill in any of the other information. 

  4. Check the terms & conditions boxes

  5. Select "Digital Pen Pal Kids Account" under account type. 


Please make sure you use your phone number in your child's profile registration. You will a text to confirm permission before approving their DPP account and grant them access to the DPP forum. 

How to sign up for a Digital Pen Pal Event

A Zoom link will be sent to your RLP account email the day of the event. If you don't receive a link, please email

How to join a Digital Pen Pal Event after you sign up
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