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NRVTA produces videos encouraging people to become service techs

ATHENS, Texas – The National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) this week released the first three videos in a series of online commercials encouraging people to become RV technicians.

“The industry has been struggling to find trained technicians for many years. With people losing jobs during this period of economic uncertainty, now may be an opportunity to encourage people to become RV service technicians,” said Terry Cooper, president of NRVTA.

“The RV industry has been woefully underserved by the number of trained technicians,” he added. “Dealers have been screaming for techs for many years. It’s time we went on the offensive to promote this career opportunity.”

The tongue-in-cheek videos were produced by the NRVTA staff to open eyes regarding possibilities that there is a need for techs and that anyone could handle the job regardless of age or sex.

The first video, titled “Hey Babe,” celebrates the fact that women make great RV service techs, too. It can be viewed at

The second video, titled “I’m a Man,” challenges guys to step out in a job that involves working with their hands. It also promotes being a self-employed business owner as a mobile RV technician. That can be found at

The third video, “NRVTA Home Study Course RV Maintenance Training for Everyone” encourages people to get training to fix many of the problems that people experience with their RVs. The commercial promotes a home study course. That video is at

If more people know how to fix their own RVs, it would help alleviate the backlog at dealerships and allow those techs to work on more difficult repair problems, Cooper explained. “A lot of people who invested in stocks for years are wondering today whether that was a wise strategy,” said Cooper. “But, when you invest in yourself, you enjoy an unlimited opportunity for personal and professional growth which often leads to better pay and more options.

“Now is the ideal time to consider owning a small business of your own helping to serve the 10 million households that own and use RVs,” he added. “We cannot train enough RV technicians fast enough to meet the demand among dealers, campgrounds and mobile service companies.”

For more information about NRVTA and the training and certification programs, it offers to technicians, visit

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