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We are the Shindelbower’s, Mitch and Theresa. We have 3 grown sons. The 1st son just moved to NV, is the Head of Maintenance for the City of South Lake Tahoe, 2nd son is a Cartographer in Eureka, CA, is married and gave us our 1st grandchild🤗(second one to arrive in December 2020) , 3rd son lives in Santa Barbara, CA, is an aspiring actor, but works as a Mate at Trader Joes at this time.

What sent us on this journey you ask???

Well, Mitch got injured at work several years back, which turned into a long process and ultiimately deeming him permanently disabled, so was able to retire early. Theresa(I) had a strange bizarre heart issue that occured after a medical procedure that changed my life drasticlly. So being Mitch was retired at this time I also retired. We moved from our home in Beautiful South Lake Tahoe, CA and purchased a home in a 55+ community at a lower elevation. This lifestyle was not for us🥴 We were the youngest there and homes were just to close together, and we really wanted out of CA(Very hard because our grown boys all still lived in CA). We decided to try full time RVing. Our Boys all live in beautiful places so this way we could go and spend quality time with each of them while seeing beautiful sights. So we sold our home bought a fifth wheel and here we are, since November of 2018...............

We love the outdoors, hiking, water, exploring, spenfing time with Family and friends. Mitch does Photography, enjoys woodworking and general timkering. I like sewing, baking and have learned to knit, since starting this journey. We look forward to meeting some folks out on the road

Theresa & Mitch Shindelbower

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